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                                                                              Name:Flow indicator
                                                                              Purpose:Flow indicator
                                                                              Performance parameter:Flow indicator
                                                                              Product recapitulation:Flow indicator
                                                                              sort:Auxiliary products

                                                                              Name:Oil cup
                                                                              Purpose:Oil cup
                                                                              Performance parameter:Oil cup
                                                                              Product recapitulation:Oil cup
                                                                              sort:Auxiliary products

                                                                              Name:GTD series big spring mechanical seal
                                                                              Purpose:Commonly used in overloading applications, and chemical equipment.
                                                                              Performance parameter:Temperature:-40℃≤T≤200℃
                                                                              locity:V ≤23m/S
                                                                              Alignment Size:28mm~115mm
                                                                              Product recapitulation:GTD series,balanced single-spring single mechanical seal. Commonly used in overloading applications, and chemical equipment......
                                                                              sort:Auxiliary products

                                                                              Name:Mechanical seal secondary system
                                                                              Purpose:Mainly used for PLAN52 and PLAN53 in API682, to improve the sealing work condition and supply the buffer solution.
                                                                              Performance parameter:
                                                                              Product recapitulation:Nonmalized form sealing fluid reservoir with heat exchange function, on the basis of different demands, can be equiped manual fluid infusion pump,pressure alarm switch, level alarm switch and so on .
                                                                              sort:Auxiliary products

                                                                              Name:GTJ201 spiral wound gaskets
                                                                              Purpose:Widely used in petrochemical, mechanism, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding and so on.
                                                                              Performance parameter:Max Temperature:650℃ 450℃(in the oxidizing medium)
                                                                              Max Working Pressure:25Mpa
                                                                              Thickness: 4.5mm
                                                                              Supply dimension: Can be processed into standard and non-standard of various sizes required.
                                                                              Product recapitulation:GTJ201 spiral wound gaskets are piled up with “V” or “W” shape metal ligature and nonmetal soft packing, helix convoluted, beginning and end spot welding.......
                                                                              sort:Auxiliary products

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