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                                                                              Name:AY, AYP single-stage, double-stage centrifugal pump
                                                                              Purpose:petroleum industry, petrochemicals industry, chemical industry, NG.
                                                                              Performance parameter:Capacity (Q) : 2 ~600m3/h
                                                                              Head (H) :  15~330m
                                                                              Temperature (T): -45~+450℃
                                                                              Product recapitulation:Product recapitulation:AY, AYP oil pumps could be classified into three kinds, such as single-stage single-suction overhung pump, double-stage single-suction overhung pump, double-stage single-suction between-bearing pump.

                                                                              Name:ZHY the petrochemicals and NG industry flow pump
                                                                              Purpose:petrochemicals industry, NG industry, coal process chemical industry, high and low temperature projects.
                                                                              Performance parameter:Capacity (Q) :up to 2600m3/h
                                                                              Head (H) :  up to 250m
                                                                              Work Pressure (P): up to 2.5MPa
                                                                              Work Temperature (T): -45~+450℃
                                                                              Product recapitulation:ZHY the petrochemicals and NG industry flow pump is a single-stage single-suction overhung pump.

                                                                              Name:AY, AYS good-sized double-stage centrifugal pump
                                                                              Purpose:petrochemical refine, petrochemicals industry, NG industry.
                                                                              Performance parameter:Capacity (Q) : 30~1500m3/h
                                                                              Head (H) :  200~600m
                                                                              Temperature (T): -45~+450℃
                                                                              Product recapitulation:AY, AYS are good-sized double-stage between-bearing pump.

                                                                              Name:AYD multistage centrifugal pump
                                                                              Purpose:petrochemical refine, petrochemicals industry, coal process chemical industry, NG industry.
                                                                              Performance parameter:Capacity (Q) : 3 ~550m3/h
                                                                              Head (H) :  100~2500m
                                                                              Medium temperature (T): -20~+150℃
                                                                              Product recapitulation:AYD multistage centrifugal pump series, are designed on the basis of AY multistage centrifugal pump, absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology.

                                                                              Name:AYS single-stage, double-suction centrifugal pump
                                                                              Purpose:petrochemical refine, petrochemicals industry, chemical industry, NG industry, ocean platform gathering and transportation.
                                                                              Performance parameter:Capacity (Q) : 95~1740m3/h
                                                                              Head (H) :  38~280m
                                                                              Temperature (T): -45~+450℃
                                                                              Product recapitulation:AYS is single-stage double- suction between-bearing pump.

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